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United Nations Registered Consultant BN-BBA-2707

A professional specialist security operative, with a high degree of knowledge and experience in personal protection, covert operations and security organization. A determined problem solver with excellent communication skills both verbal and written I enjoy and have had major experience working within a family environment with children of all ages. I work using the latest Non-Confrontational Methods assuring your image as well as your person is effectively protected..


bulletGovernment, Diplomatic and Royalty Level Personal Protection Officer.
bulletHighly Experienced Protection Driver.
bulletProven team leader and motivator with a tenacious ability to achieve target and implement policies.
bulletExperienced Surveillance Operative.
bulletEffective Security Manager

1998 – 2001 Contracted

Negotiated, planned and executed personal protection contracts for various European and Overseas clients, including sports personalities, families and corporate employees, performed as an individual and team member. 

1997 – 1998 Foreign and Commonwealth Office, British Government
Close Protection Manager – High Risk Driver
Proven effective management of government contract, negotiating with global law enforcement agencies for maximum protection of visiting Heads of State, Foreign Ministers and VIPs. Recruited, and managed over 1000 drivers and staff covering 6 High Profile Government Meetings.

1982 – 1997  Her Majesty’s Forces & Government
Protection Officer – Protection Driver – Instructor
Personal protection of military officers, government officials and foreign ambassadors. Serving globally I conducted personal protection details, on an individual and team orientated basis. Organized and instructed on a variety of challenging military and law enforcement training courses.

United Nations Consultant No: BN-BBA-2707
Registered B.B.C Consultant
International Foundation for Protection Officers
International Association of Counter-Terrorism & Security Professionals
South African Bodyguard Network
World Federation of Bodyguards


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