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A combined history of over 50 years, the staff and principal officers of BG-International know all about the Personal Protection field.

The highs and lows, the good, the bad, the cowboys, the experts, when to talk and when to stay silent.

After 10 years of Internet use, viewing thousands of sites and pages of information, we believe we can now provide the ultimate service to the veteran and the trainee.

An Internationally available dial up service, secure servers and an easy to use method of advertising your services, Bodyguard International is just what the industry needs.

No more paying for an inferior service, which can give the wrong impression, badly laid out, always repeated pages cannot instil a professional impression on any potential employer or client.

So before paying for any advertising or so called "bodyguard employment service" just take a look at what they offer and ask yourself......

(1) Who are these people?

(2) What do I get for my money?

(3) How will their service work for me?

(4) Do I really need to advertise my services?

(5) How easy is the service to use?

If you have all the answers, compare them here.


Remember, we know the industry because we work within it.