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Residential Security:

The security surrounding a VIP has to be unobtrusive and yet provide a cost effective screen that is appropriate to the perceived level of threat. Whether a VIP or an average individual your home should be a place where you seek shelter and protection from the troubles and threats outside. If the protection specialist can't protect his client and his family in his own home, then he probably can't protect him anywhere...

International Courier:

Another aspect of security is the role of the courier, working in accordance to:
The courier will escort valuable items to national or international destinations. Arrange all travel details and tickets. Ensure smooth access through customs and airport security. Organise necessary documentation. Ensure suitable environmental transportation facilities for the material.

Undercover Protection:

This service provides discrete protection for a business or family without creating the wrong impression to business associates or alarm to family members.

Travel Warnings and Reports:

This service provides Travel advice and warnings It covers everything from petty theft to Terrorism. Where to avoid, local customs, Do's and Don'ts, Medical facilities, Geographical information, Country description, Custom requirements, Information on crime, Communications, Consular advice and much more.

Executive and VIP Services:

Threat & Profile assessment.
Celebrity & VIP stalking.
Victim escort (Stalking).
Research gathering.
Executive & VIP escort.
Low profile protection.
High profile protection.
Airport pick up services.
Computer Fraud.

Executive Aide:

Travel arrangements.
Hotel bookings.
Airport security.
Personal escort.
Security advisor.
Hotel and Theatre packages.
Limousine services.
Chauffeur driven cars.
Security surveillance.


The increase in white-collar crime has seen corporate security budgets stretched to the limits!
Testing your security measures and protocols in order to provide a thorough appraisal. Achieved by placing undercover teams in the workplace and arranging test audits, B.S.I.  looks to advise on establishing measures that you have not implemented, rather than those that you have.

B.S.I.  carries out due diligence by the following means:

Physical covert methods of entry/physical intelligence gathering.
Information Technology security and brevity system testing.
Employee integrity, loyalty and screened assessment.
Communications delivery and security evaluation.
Contingency & crisis operating procedure practice and testing (fire, bomb, and kidnapping to basic power failure).