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Bomb Countermeasures for Security Professionals CD-ROM

Bomb Countermeasures for Security Professionals (BCSP) is an interactive instruction and reference CD-ROM, providing security and law enforcement personnel with a single source for high quality training in explosive-related protection issues. The BCSP program goes beyond the limits of traditional instructional methods, using the latest multimedia technology to provide users with a complete and intensive learning experience.

The most comprehensive bomb security training program ever produced.

The information in the BCSP program is drawn from hundreds of sources world-wide, providing the most detailed survey of contemporary threats and countermeasures ever assembled in a commercial training program. This information is presented through a series of ten lessons, beginning with a general survey of the threat and moving progressively into more advanced topics, these lessons include;

bulletLesson One: Threat Introduction
bulletLesson Two: Characteristics of Explosive Devices
bulletLesson Three: Bomb Security Planning
bulletLesson Four: Defence Against Courier-Delivered Bombs
bulletLesson Five: Bomb Search and Threat Response
bulletLesson Six: Defence Against Mail Bombs
bulletLesson Seven: Defence Against Anti-Vehicle Bombs
bulletLesson Eight: Defence Against WMD-Scale Bombs
bulletLesson Nine: Blast Mitigation Design for Facilities
bulletLesson Ten: Post-Blast Response Procedures

Customized training and reference applications

One of the greatest benefits of the BCSP program is the ability to customize the user's learning experience. Unlike traditional training tools (videos, slide presentations, etc.), users progress at their own pace, choosing topics and security approaches that directly apply to their needs.

As an additional feature, the BCSP program's navigator window allows reference users to directly access any topic in the program with a simple mouse click.

Intensive multimedia content

To reinforce the learning points in the instructional text, the BCSP program is supported by over 1000 photographs, charts, illustrations, animations, digital videos, and audio clips. By using a completely integrated multimedia instructional approach, complex learning points are communicated clearly in a way that contributes to lasting retention.

Program Completion Time:

Each lesson requires approximately 1 to2 hours to complete (depending on the user). Overall, the program equals approximately 16 hours of traditional instruction.

Computer Requirements:

bullet* Pentium I computer (or newer)
bullet* 16 megabytes RAM
bullet* 4X CD-ROM drive (or faster)
bullet* 16-Bit colour display
bullet* Sound capability
bullet* Windows 95 (or newer)




Full CD 10 Lessons US $299.00 
Police & Military P.O.A.  

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