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Escorting Tim Henman @ WimbledonThe image of the Bodyguard has not changed over hundreds of years, the last barrier, bullet catchers, this is how most people look upon Close Protection, big guys, wearing dark sunglasses, standing behind Hollywood movie stars.

It has long been known that some of the worlds best Personal Protection Operatives (PPO) and Close Protection Operatives (CPO) are trained by the British Army's Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit (RMP CP), based in the South of England, UK.

They do not wish to be known, they shy from the limelight, they do not appear on the TV news or in newspapers. They are well trained and well versed in their role as bodyguards, Governments and nervous politicians all over the world are keen to send their personal bodyguards on the RMP CP training courses, understanding that its one of, if not, the best training available.

Though people around the globe look upon us as "non approachable" or "The men with 1000 yard stares" the most professional of us work using the latest non confrontational methods, staying away from the limelight, working with the client to gain the advantage over their threat, it could mean something as small as arriving at a venue earlier to avoid the press, at all times I keep a safe distance from my client.

People do not have to think I'm "The Bodyguard" unless required. I can work as an aide, assisting in your everyday life be it business or social, no-one need know that your new personal assistant is actually your Protection Officer. This way works better for your image, however, there maybe occasions when a "Known Presence" is required, to deter any form of attack or embarrassment.

 Working with children is something I enjoyI will work with you and your family, I enjoy working within a family environment, I get on well with children having two daughters myself, we are not all "hired thugs" please don't assume this, I care deeply for my career, I work very hard to establish a good partnership with my client.

These pages will give any potential client or employer information on the quality and extent of my skills.

bodyguard4.jpg (36743 bytes)So, if you require specialist security services, a Personal Protection Officer or just discreet advice, please read through the information to see my capabilities and experience, then contact me using the link available.

You confidentiality is assured at all times.