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The Potential BODYGUARD Workshops

FOR UK/EUROPE ONLY (Due to traveling)

After all the drama caused by so many different variations of stories and tales told over the www, it's about time someone starting helping potential Personal Protection Officers or Bodyguards, making huge amounts of money offering inadequate training which could potentially kill them or their Principal is something that is happening every day all over the world. You CANNOT learn from a book or video what's becoming one of the fastest expanding markets in the world.

The hours, the situations, the "wrong tie" syndrome, the constant pressure brought on by staying alert, the clients that rip you off, the weeks or even months spent evaluating and planning for operations which don't materialise.

You may have a rough idea what the industry is all about, you may have seen one or two films and believe you are a potential Clint Eastwood or, dare I say it, Kevin Costner!

So, you've read all the books, looked at all the web sites, received a couple of course pamphlets or a "Home Study" program, watched the movies over and over, even signed up to an internet mail group to get the "inside" information and by now maybe even have the T Shirt, but where can you find out what it is really all about?

Where will you be able to ask real questions and get real answers from REAL bodyguards?

Where can you get the answers to searching questions about CLIENTS, CONTRACTS, TRAINING, EQUIPMENT?

All without spending loads of your HARD EARNED CASH!!!

The answer is simple....NOWHERE!

But I can let you into a little secret, I have pondered over this problem for some time and after receiving literally hundreds of emails each month with the same questions I would like to announce that I, together with a number of colleagues are willing to set up UK weekend workshops for potential Bodyguards.

Will it be FREE???

No, don't be silly, accommodation, equipment, staff, all cost money, but we are willing to make this as inexpensive as we possibly can.

Here's the package:

Friday - Sunday
Friday evening, arrive at an undisclosed location, accessible via Air, train, bus or motor vehicle, spend most of the evening going over what will happen for the next 48 hours.

Saturday morning, early, breakfast and first briefing, where you will meet your DS (Instructors) and and start asking questions, all to be done as informally as possible.

Then we will take your first day of taster training, not throwing yourself from cars and shooting at people, but a quick introduction to the planning and operational side of a Close Protection Team, then we'll show you, Escort Drills, getting your Principal from A to B, safely, both by vehicle and on Foot, we'll introduce you to Surveillance and Counter Surveillance, Immediate Action Drills for different types of attack, from verbal attacks to an assassination attempt, we'll show you how to conduct yourself, in public, in private, we'll explain the DO'S and DON'TS whilst carrying out your duties, you will see and feel what being a PROFESSIONAL PROTECTION OFFICER is really is all about.

This will, of course, include some classroom but mostly practical exercises.

Saturday evening, you will again, be able to question the D.S about their own experiences, good and bad, I must warn you though, pulling up sandbags and swinging old lanterns is NOT what this weekend is all about, good, sound, practical advice is what we are looking to achieve, where to go for training, who to ask for, what specialist training to take and where to take it.

Sunday will be another day of practical studies, with a small exercise to prove to yourself whether the Bodyguard World is really what you want from a career.

Sunday late afternoon/evening course dispersal and a chance to take what you know REALLY know about the Protection field back to your own world with a better direction or maybe even just a good experience you can tell your grand children about one day.

How much? I hear you ask ..........

Let's put it this way:

A 10 day course costs: approx 1000 - 1500 on average. A lot of money to part with, if you:

  1. Don't make the grade.
  2. Don't feel it's been your right choice
  3. Find that the course is not worth it
  4. The company is only after your money
  5. Get incorrect or possibly dangerous training.

This workshop WILL NOT:

  1. Train you to be a bodyguard.
  2. Give you the skills to get you a BG job.
  3. Give you a bodyguard contract.

But it will:

  1. Give you the chance to get REAL answers.
  2. Help you understand what it's REALLY all about.
  3. Stop you from making the wrong decision.
  4. Gain you good contacts for the future.
  5. Help you find the right training.
  6. Give you DISCOUNTS for that Training.

If this sounds like what you have been looking for, then please complete the form below and I will be in touch about the next available dates and locations.


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